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I think they sent a few out last week. I'm order #90 and I believe mine is wrapping up QC (I randomly commented on their IG story and whoever runs it was able to get me a pic of my machine since they had it in the QC line).

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Updates continue to be emailed periodically if you're on the mailing list (sign up on the OE site, no purchase required) and regular interaction with OE is on EAF.


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I would love to read this regular interaction. What is EAF?

Fortunately Ross and the team are keeping busy getting things worked out so we get top quality machines before they ramp production up to speed. I figure that is why we don't get many updates from the email list. I understand a don't want to bother them with questions while I am waiting. But if some of the interactions that happen are available it would be great to read them.

I have found the discord ( ... 7113097256 ) and that helps some. Great to read the raves of people that got theirs!


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If preordering an Argos, at what point does Odyssey charge credit cards?
* at pre-order
* at some point prior to shipping
* at shipping

Thank you for clarifying this.

Answer received -- preorder.

I did not wish to slow down Team OE for a question readily answered elsewhere. This should be added to the OE FAQ at some point.


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I got mine earlier this week. Order #86. The wait is definitely going to pay off for you guys. Ross does care about quality and he's on top of everything and super communicative. Going from a BDB, there's a slight learning curve with the air bleed valve that's here to make sure you hit the proper spring peak pressure and/or maximum yield. When I had the 8bar spring I was hitting 6bar of pressure and when I did bleed properly I was then getting my ~7.5 bar of pressure.

Going to direct took 20 minutes for the first time with the video and I was taking my sweet sweet time. You can do it in like 5 or less once you know the flow. Direct config makes it a lot easier to pull shots at least on first impressions.


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jevenator, is that the Argos analog pressure gauge I see? Was it an easy install?


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ROSS received CE cert. :twisted:


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sympa wrote:jevenator, is that the Argos analog pressure gauge I see? Was it an easy install?
Looks easy.


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sympa wrote:jevenator, is that the Argos analog pressure gauge I see? Was it an easy install?
Yeah it was okay. Mine was still not bent perfectly (they're supposed to be improving the process for easier installation and fit) and so I have apply a bit of tension on it to get the holes to line up perfectly. I recommend a ball end hex key to install the one screw that's kinda blocked by the gauge itself much easier.

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I am so close to pulling the trigger! I am considering various practical questions, such as:

1. Can the machine be stored with the lever down? (I have never interacted with a lever machine in real life). I understand that the height when the lever is up is 18"--taller than the space I have under my upper cabinets.
2. I like to drink very long espressos--60ml. Ross said this can be accomplished as follows: "you can do what is called a fellini which is very common in lever machines where you pull the lever down again halfway through the shot to refill the group and get a higher yield. With our air bleed valve in the piston, the coffee puck will not be disturbed during the additional pull." Have you (or anyone else reading this) tried this?