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#11: Post by drgary »

For people who have been following this series of posts, it's been split off from the originating User Experience: Flair Espresso Manual Lever thread. Jasper's opening comment worked out well for a discussion thread paired with the review, which is now live.

Flair Signature PRO Review

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#12: Post by issy »

Strugs wrote:Yeesh. That doesn't sound very good. I have been looking for a cost effective way to make a proper shot at work and thought the Flair might fit the bill, but now....

Anyway - thanks for the info.
Please don't be misled by one poster's unique criticism... many other users do not experience the same. Based on my own experience, the Flair classic & the Pro are excellent for use away from home, be it camping or at the office. I carry mine to & fro with a Knock hand grinder & get excellent results.

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#13: Post by Strugs »

Good point. I have gone through a lot of the posts in several of the Flair forum topics, and I realized that there are very few issues reported from users. Thanks for chiming in.


#14: Post by wachuko »

vit wrote:Well, classic model is fine at about half the price of pro model ...
I have been going back and forth on this...

I have the is the best portable espresso maker I have found so far... easy to carry, compact, and makes a good espresso. I have it paired with a Helor 101.

I only wished the output volume could be higher... and that is why I am looking at reviews of the Pro. With larger coffee capacity and larger brew head. What I must have missed is the actual output volume.

Those that have a Pro, what are you getting in/out? Are 18g in with 36g out possible? That is my morning espresso... wish I could do the same on the road without having to pull two shots from the Flair (I have two brew heads because of this)...

One thing for sure, have not found something this compact to carry with this quality of a shot.
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#15: Post by shotwell » replying to wachuko »

I was getting 45 out with 20 in when using the pro.

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#16: Post by Jasper_8137 (original poster) » replying to shotwell »

Thanks I usually use 18g in, 34 out but could easily go to 45.


#17: Post by MikeTheBlueCow »

I do 20g dose and get 45g out easily, could definitely go bigger as well. This is really the biggest reason to go Pro, so you can do a bigger shot instead of two shots on the smaller models.

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#18: Post by Strugs »

I generally prefer a tighter ratio than 20 in and 45 out, Is it relatively easy to pull more of a ristretto shot using a lever? Is it the same principle as pump machines - grind finer and/or tamp harder?

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#19: Post by Denis »

Because of the small diameter and the not so large whole diameter of the basket you are forced to grind coarser than normal.

I suggest you stick to low dosage if you want to be near a normal machine results.

In my normal model I use 10g, that corresponds to a 18g dose in my 58mm machine. In the pro because of the more drilled basket area i think you can go higher than 10, but not 18-20g.

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#20: Post by drgary »

Also in the PRO if you have too small a dose it gets fiddly to fit the shower screen on top of the coffee cake without the shower screen getting tilted, forcing you to remove it and redistribute and re-tamp. That is because the shower screen has a very close fit to the basket walls. 16 gm for instance can be challenging that way.

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