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Thanks, that's helpful. I paid way too much to do the restoration on top of it, it would have been a great deal on an unused open box item that was easy to get parts for, less so for a 90's vintage - but not unreasonable, but way too much for a unit with this kind of damage. UPS may have taken the decision out of my hands. They picked up the unit last night due to my damage claim and said they will return to the sender. However, I'm on my own to get a refund.

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@ seachantey, I'm sorry to see that you're on your own to get a refund and hope you have done what you can to protect yourself, like buying on an auction site with consumer protection or paying through a credit card where you could file a claim.

For anyone reading this thread, we have instructions on how to pack machines like this for shipping. You can send the link to a seller just in case.

Packing espresso equipment for shipment

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seachantey (original poster)

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Just want to say thank you to everyone for advice and help. I was able to return the damaged unit and get a refund from the seller. We were both sad about the damage to a beautiful machine. I bought a new MCAL and a good grinder from a reputable dealer. I've had it a little over two weeks now and am totally in LOVE - makes amazing coffee, is beautiful, and a pleasure to use. I'm being careful about my water (levels and hardness/quality) and wiping down the head and wand after each use. This forum is great for information on the types of maintenance and care this machine needs (and doesn't). Thanks and cheers!

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Thanks for update, wonderful to hear this


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Glad you got your refund. Sorry to see such a pretty machine damaged.