Upgrade from Salvatore compact lever ?

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Looking for input on perhaps upgrading from my Salvatore compact lever.(tank and plumb in model )

I have been using the scl since 2016 and it continues to provide me with great shots. I do get thermo syphon stalls and that can be fixed. I also would like to have a one spring lever - suppose I can take out one of the springs.

I was thinking about the londinium - not sure of the model# (tank /plumb in version).

Any other lever machines in the $3k price range ?


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If you're in the US it would be hard to beat the exchange rate right now on the pound Stirling. In Canada I compared the price of the most inexpensive Londinium to a Profitec Pro 800 and the British product was several hundred dollars cheaper even after cost of importing and shipping. But I've got my name on an Argos. Also waiting to see the final cost of the Vectis. But your Salvatore is a pretty sweet machine!

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Thanks for the reply - yes I'm in the US - the Argos is a sweet machine and I've been looking the Vectis as well. My conversation with Reiss was that he was "hoping" to get 200 units of the vectis out before Christmas but it doesn't appear likely. Not sure what the final cost of the Vectis would be -but $850 -900 or so for the Argos is sweet. I would love an R24 but it's a bit out of my price range unless I am able to sell my Salvatore. I'm wondering what I would get in addition to my Salvatore ? Temp stability?


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I replaced my SCL with an ACS Vesuvius Evo Leva.
What I got was the temp stability, temp control, and no thermosyphon stalls for basically the same price. The SCL just runs too hot and the valve I added to reduce the temps causes the stalls (along with the lower boiler pressure). I also removed the internal spring in order to reduce the harshness of the shots but you can only do so much.
With the ACS, I run the full 10.5 bars on much lower temps and get excellent mouth feel from very light roasts without harshness. And a separate steam boiler set at whatever pressure I like, or no pressure when no steam is required :D
For dark roasts, though, the temp control probably won't matter much.

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What do you think about the profitec pro 800? I am going to check out the acs and for me I prefer lighter roasts so temp stability would be great. Thanks so much for your response.


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I think you'll find the ACS to be about three times the price of a pro 800. It's too bad the Izzo disappeared. If I was buying a modern lever right now I'd probably go Londinium, but I see some really good sales on last year's model of the pro 800.