Two days - two levers: La San Marco Model 80 Esportazione + Conti Classica

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#1: Post by cedar »

Hello lever-people,

I discovered this 1980 La San Marco Model 80 Esportazione for sale in a small town in the NE corner of Oregon.

A few parts are missing, but it is mostly all there.

The LSM dwarfs a Cremina, but they kind of look good next to each other.

Literally late the night before leaving on an 800-mile trip to pick up the LSM, I discovered this Conti Classica selling for next to nothing in a town on the way, 45 minutes from home.

The seller had just bought a building, the Conti came with it, and he just wanted to unload it and get it out of the way.

I picked up the Conti last Thursday and the LSM Friday morning, and now I suddenly and unexpectedly find myself with two commercial lever machines on my hands...

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#2: Post by cedar (original poster) »

I expect I will be asking for advice...


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#3: Post by Chert »

I bet the Conti was used in Allan Brothers coffee shop.

The LSM was being hoarded by a leprechaun behind a rainbow.

Nice finds.
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cedar (original poster)

#4: Post by cedar (original poster) »

The Conti was in a small local movie theatre, but not far from one of the Allen Brother's shops.


#5: Post by claypriley »

Hey there! Nice going on the La San Marco in the Theater find!! I saw that one too, a couple of weeks ago on Craigslist. I tried to buy it, but the owner/seller told me "Not going to happen" and "go away", when I told him I could pay for it with Paypal, or bank transfer. (It would have been complicated anyway, because I am traveling in Brasil, but it was worth a try) I am glad someone in here(HB) scored that machine! It sure looked like it was in sweet "time capsule" shape.
The red body is 20% more: (better espresso extraction, faster heat up,, good looking, etc. insert your adjective here). What a screaming ask price too! I will be interested to see how it operates in its original barn/theater east Oregon state. Good going!!

What does the back of the body look like? Does it have the LSM lion? please take a picture......
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cedar (original poster)

#6: Post by cedar (original poster) »

Yes on the leprechaun Flint, the more I think about it.

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#7: Post by cedar (original poster) »

Hi Clay,

The Conti was in the theatre; the LSM was way up in Union the NE corner of the state. I offered an immediate down payment through PayPal if he wanted it and told him I could be there the next day, but once he knew I was serious and committed he graciously gave me a few days, cash only. Nice guy who had retired to a small rural town from the Bay area.

The back of the LSM is clean, but no lion badge or logo -- I am wondering if I can get both from LSM in Italy.

I started a thread in the repairs forum in which I show what's inside, here:

1980 La San Marco Model 80 Export Lever Restoration

I didn't take a picture of the back of the red housing before I took it off but I can do that and post it there for you.

Thanks kindly,


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#8: Post by harrisonpatm »

Amazing finds! They look in remarkable shape. What are you plans after restoration?

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#9: Post by cedar (original poster) »

Drinking coffee...

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#10: Post by cedar (original poster) »

Hi Clay -- I posted the pics of the housing you wanted to see on the thread in the repairs forum.