Tray/table for La Pavoni Europiccola + grinder setup

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#1: Post by martinlhoff »

Mulling moving my EPC to live next to the window or even in the balcony. Maybe on something like ... -40201916/. I might

- glue a power strip on the back / underside.
- put a tray under grinder + EPC to ease cleanup (or just go for a metal table)
- (if outside) make a rain cover - with something like ... ic-Blue-46

Context is: Sunny warm humid Florida! Balcony overlooking a bay! Generally doesn't get rained upon (sheltered from the dominant wind, so rains _away_ from the balcony, still drizzle and humidity).

Have you done something like this? Thoughts? What worked? What didn't?

Does this gear rot quickly/badly in humid environments?


#2: Post by ziptie »

That Ikea table is pretty small. I'd have concerns for stability with that small footprint, and sufficient work surface.

I wouldn't keep it outdoors. The LPs' steel chromed base has enough problems trying to not rust from beneath. The quality of the chrome is, well...not good. That's about as nice as I can put it. I treated the underside of mine to a thorough sandblasting, a bath in Evaporust, and then coated with POR-15 three+ years ago. Its underside is still fine. LP would do well to at least go to aluminum bases, or better yet...stainless.

If you really want to keep it outdoors, at least keep it where it can't get rained on.
Some LP owners treat the underside with a light coat of oil to keep the rust at bay.