The Timemore Nano scale seems to be a great choice for my La Pavoni pre Mil... Am I correct?

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NYC Frank

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Hi .. I've finally pulled the trigger on a BPLUS Apollo grinder and am so excited to up my game a bit with my 1991 La Pavoni Professional.

I also am planning on moving to a naked portafilter so I can make proper use of a smart scale. The Timemore Nano seems to be a good choice (I particularly like the automatic timing start on the first drops of espresso.. )

I do not see any dialog on this forum recently on Timemore so figured I'd post this hoping for some advice ... thanks in advance.


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I use a timemore black mirror with my pre mill pavoni.

I really like the scale, but gave up using it to weigh and time shots after I had the machine figured out.
It was just one more thing to do, and getting it to fit with a cup was less the ideal.

I just use to weigh doses now. I like the interface.

If you are looking for a great bottomless portafilter, I highly recommend the cafelat one. Incredible fit and finish.

NYC Frank (original poster)

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Thanks for the suggestion on the "bottomless" and the snaps and comments on the black mirror. Saw some so so reviews on the nano's side buttons so I may be looking at the black mirror again. Thanks again and have a good weekend.


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Both the regular scale (Basic Plus) and the Nano promise a lot, but deliver little. They are buggy and the touch button interface is crap. I'll never buy another Timemore scale and don't recommend them to anyone.

NYC Frank (original poster)

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Yeah ... ive seen that same sentiment in reading more customer reviews. Maybe I'll look for a 2023 Nano release that might clean up the interface ... I do like the narrow profile to give me a little more room on my La Pavoni.

I did pick up the La Pavoni Cafelat Naked Portafilter at a steal for $55 incl shipping off the site ....any other suggestions for me on the scale ? ... thanks again


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For what it's worth, a few months ago I needed a new scale to help dial in a new machine and I've had good luck with the Greater Goods 750g capacity digital pocket scale I found on Amazon. It's thin and not unattractive. IIRC, it was under $15.

NYC Frank (original poster)

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Thanks ... checks all the boxes and looks to be perfect for a starter like me.

Small enough to fit under a cup and bottomless portafilter (5.67 x 3.03 x 0.67 inches), looks accurate and fast enough to get repeatable weights, and cheap enough to replace if it breaks or something new comes along worthy of the investment. I would like to automatically time my shots at some point soon.

Wow... can't believe I came out of this with a Cafelat naked portafilter and scale for under $80. Grazie ... tutti grazie.