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Quick and very sincere thank you to all the PV & Sama fans, all the leverheads, and all the helpful folks who have posted such fantastic tips & techniques here over the years! Started with a Silvia PID 8 months ago and dropped deep down the syrupy rabbit hole, landing on the PV Export in espresso heaven.

In spite of my soupy pucks, the Export is such a rewarding experience that produces velvety-smooth shots over and over and over. I think "forgiving machine" is a dramatic understatement - it takes whatever I throw at it and delivers smiles, rainbows, and unicorns in the cup. Every. Single. Time.

Thanks again, please know that your tips, tricks, techniques, and suggestions are all very much appreciated by one very happy and caffeinated home barista in training!

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Welcome to the "club" Nice choice on the fully polished version :D
did the machine come with the porta-filter funnel? looks almost identical to the one that came with my old Sama!


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Thanks! That's an Orphan Espresso dosing funnel, because I have bad aim :roll:
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Don't forget to get your membership in the Lever Machine World Domination Plot!
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Also, soupy pucks only indicate a lot of headroom between the coffee and shower screen. They aren't a problem.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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For a mrBalagan you certainly have a very neat set up. Congratulations and welcome to the club.
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Ha! Very keen eye Robert, very keen. This is definitely the "before" photo, it's only downhill from here for the mess unfortunately ;-)
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And the occasional hedgehog!

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