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Arson wrote:Yes, but tape didn't hold well there, the tip barrel is a bit too large.
Slow response; it is the thermometer itself or the (insulated?) tip, it never seems to take a jump to the right temperature, even if you throw it in hot water. Maybe I should take away this metal tube and stick the bicouple directly to the group.
You'll destroy the resistor inside the metal tip if you try to remove it. Your problem is round tube on round surface. I use a bed of thermal grease to increase heat conductivity. Response is instantaneous.tape for

I scraped off a 3mm x15mm strip of asbestos on the boiler, filled it with grease, stuck the probe to insulation foam tape and carefully mounted it, works great.

This will all get cleaned up once a PID is finalized. This set up is telling me the pressure stat is the weak link.