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JohnB. wrote:Depends who the carrier is. UPS, Fed Ex & DHL will contact you prior to delivery with Duty/Custom's fee payment info. The USPS is the only carrier that I've dealt with that didn't collect the fees but you wouldn't want them delivering your machine.
yup i agree.. i wouldn't want usps to deliver it. they'll probably drop it several times before reaching my door step. :D

also, when you guys bought the leva.. did you all buy a separate bottomless PF or just drill out the single PF to make a bottomless PF?


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I purchased an additional portafilter.
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Silky pull, I purchased an additional naked portafilter but depends on your access to a machine shop. I didn't think I could drill and the refinish to new standard for similar cost to buying a spare.


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well luckily a cycling buddy of mine whom just pulled a trigger on the strega has a drill press at home. so i would just need to get the correct bimetal hole saw for the 55mm, maybe in this case a 54mm and have it drilled through, then dremel the edges to finish off. i won't be using a single shot PF and IMO it looks kinda wonky with a single spout. :D

EDIT: as of 1:10AM Pacific Time... the itch got really really bad. lately with all the back to back zoom meetings, seems even in my dream i'm dreaming of a spring lever... pulled the trigger on the izzo alex leva 110v. espressocoffeeshop told me it takes about 3-4wks, so i'm ok with that, since my NZ won't be here till Sept. so figure by the time i get it it'll be end of July.. will miss my 45th bday.. but it'll give me time to figure out how to drill a small hole in the granite countertop and run the water lines, etc. US is 120v... so anyone use a step down transformer from 120v to 110v? we had some appliance from taiwan before that's 110v and while it worked in US, but it was short lived. so wondering what you guys use being in the US? thanks.

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I always use an accu powered drill and the right bimetal hole saw. Works perfectly.
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Congrats Silkypull, you will love it. You can always just unscrew the single spout, I did and easy to do.

When finish it off, I meant rechroming as well as drilling and dremeling. I assume the portafilter is brass, meaning you would have two different finishes, bare brass and chrome.


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LuckyMark wrote:Hi Jehlon, Apologies have been away working and just logged in. As others have said, the Bosco was direct from the maker (emailed for a quote inc freight), the others were sourced from Australia so my comparison was the price for me in Australia. To be honest whichever you get you are likely to keep for a very long time, I would just buy the one you prefer and barely even worry about the cost.

One point is allow for duties, it is probably low in Singapore but make sure it is accounted for. Good luck
Thank you for your response, Mark.
John very kindly shared Roberta's email and I'm in touch with her for a quote. I'm pretty convinced to go down the Bosco route.

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silkypull wrote: US is 120v... so anyone use a step down transformer from 120v to 110v? we had some appliance from taiwan before that's 110v and while it worked in US, but it was short lived. so wondering what you guys use being in the US? thanks.
They should be shipping you the U.S. version so you shouldn't need to do anything other then plug it into your outlet. Just as their 220v-240v option works fine in that range their 110v listing is actually a 110v-120v rating. Too bad they don't make that clear. Even though it changed to 120v/240v over 40 years ago some folks still refer to the U.S. as a 110v/220v country.


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thank you all. after pulling the trigger last night, i couldn't sleep till 3:30am... lol. feel like a boy waiting to open up Christmas present.
last night while sipping on whiskey i browse the site as usual and plugged in the code they gave me which save about 100 euros.. and shipping dropped to 180 euro and exchange rate was lower than before.. so stars aligned.. it was a sign

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TenLayers wrote:@def
You use the Espanzzola after every shot?
I do. A flush alone will not remove coffee grounds around the sleeve and circlip on the LSM group. On Bosco group, I did not need to flush or clean the shower screen as often.