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It will be a Bosco Posillipo 1 Group Transparent (glass) for me

Attached are photos of the production
This logo is engraved on the glass
3 sides glass
she will be unique

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Wow! That'll be gorgeous.

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If this is what you're imagining - go for it!
It's quite unique and won't disappoint from any perspective.

A wonderful creation to be enjoyed for generations!
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Bosco Posillipo 1Group " Transparent "
With special requests it takes a little longer
3 sides transparent With interior lighting cup heater
nut wood
Thanks to Roberta Excellent work
Can not Hardly Wait Unique
Bosco Posillipo 1Group Clear

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OK HB team, Wanted to finally get back to what is now getting to be a necro thread with an update... the 60kilo eagle has finally landed. What was originally supposed to be a 4 week lead-time morphed into... 4 months :shock:

My machine was "finished" very quickly but (big but) they were out of 110v heating elements and reciept of those parts would take all of this time. I'm plumbing the machine later tonight so will follow-up with a report on performance and some beauty shots later this weekend.

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CaptainAhab wrote:OK HB team, Wanted to finally get back to what is now getting to be a necro thread with an update... the 60kilo eagle has finally landed. What was originally supposed to be a 4 week lead-time morphed into... 4 months :shock:
4 or 5 years ago 4 months was the typical lead time at Bosco. Business must have slowed down if they got it built in 4 weeks.


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Great!! Looking forward to more updates!!


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congratulations on the Bosco
my wait time was 12 weeks
I've had Bosco for you for 1 week
a fantastic espresso machine

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CaptainAhab (original poster)

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Plumbed-in last night, ran through a warm-up and a few boiler flushes along with a couple of shots. This morning I gave it a workout and spent time turning down the P-stat to 1.2bar from the 1.45 it arrived at.

Overall impressions. I love the feel of this machine and the workflow. Shots have been easy to dial-in and delicious. Workmanship is exactly what I expected. Really poorly toleranced and generally rough. Sloppy bend work on the sheetmetal, rough alignment. unrefined edges, poorly engineered construction details and fasteners. I pulled apart the back panel and the welding on steel however was better than I was anticipating. Overall this machine and the Bosco shop could likely benefit from a few more/better jigs for a better outcome. Boiler was well put together and the TIG welding on that copper was very well executed insanely consistent, Wondering if that is done in or out of house?

Am I happy despite the above criticisms? Yes. I hope this will be a machine I am using long into the future. I am still getting used to its scale, it sits like a 30" cabinet atop the 30" cabinet that is its perch. It feels like 4 of the machines it replaced. It's a little ugly and rough around the edges but it sure knows how to perform, one of my closer friends has thusly named it Shamu.

Would I do anything differently in terms of spec? Yes. I specced a steam lever and HW knob. I should have gone knobs all around. The ECM Synchronika this is replacing had phenomenal steam, the Bosco at 1.45 bar has terrifying steam. I managed to scald milk in a little under 4.5 seconds first thing this morning for a short latte. It's a little more controlled now at 1.2 bar, but I'd love the option to modulate this pressure a bit and will likely change this out in the future. I also disregarded all of your suggestions and went with the steam activated cup warmer. I don't like this for reasons I did not anticipate: 1. It's just not hot somehow. Even letting the steam rip up there for 30 seconds, the cups are moist but not really hot as anticipated. 2. The dual layer of stainless with generous air space between mean when not turned on it just doesn't hold heat well up top, this air gap allows for too much of a differential to my liking. I figured this would be a novelty I would only use on occasion, I can see now it has drawbacks and no real practical benefit.

Other plans for modifications: The steam arm just sucks. It sits too high off the drip tray and wide the hole spread misses the outer edge of the drip tray completely when clearing the wand before use unless the wand is more directly pointed at the face of the machine. Along with migration to a knob I will also look for a longer steam arm that can contain this spray within the drip tray. The other modification will be replacing all knobs, lever and PF handles with some oiled wood. This is a personal thing for me as I have a shop and enjoy this kind of work.

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