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CaptainAhab wrote: I've chatted with Roberta on the new "mini"
Out of curiosity, whats the price range and availability of the mini?

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drgary wrote:The temperature control issue is relative. It's not just big boiler/smaller boiler = stability/agility. My Conti Prestina has a 4l boiler. It's a dipper tube machine controlled by an external PID. It quickly responds to temperature changes entered into the PID. I've also got the option of partially filling the boiler. And although it's a plumb-in machine, it's fed by a FloJet pump and could easily attach to an external holding tank.

I'm not suggesting that you get a vintage Conti Prestina, but I wonder whether the Sorrento needs to be topped off to function correctly and whether it could be PID controlled, since its boiler isn't that much larger. Also only the OP would know about wanting to stay with one coffee or pull different coffees in the same session.
Changing the Bosco's brew temp is easy & it doesn't require a pid as you don't change boiler temp. Mine has been set to 1.2 bar for years. Once you know what brew temp the group idle temp produces (Scace testing) it's easy to make changes. I know that a 172° group temp produces a shot temp between 198°-199°F & a 2 second flush raises shot temp approx 2°F. Before starting to prep a shot I check my Fluke meter & adjust the temp for whichever coffee I'm using.
As far as the big boiler goes I wrapped it with foil backed ceramic wool insulation years ago. The p'stat only kicks in the element once ever 5 minutes. We've got window fans that suck up more juice then my Bosco.

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Thanks, John. That is great information.

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Also if I recall, Iamoiman's Bosco has PID control. I was rather hoping he might weigh in regarding how quickly his reacts to temperature changes. I have followed JohnB's procedure on my Sorrento, which has a pressure stat, when I wanted to change brewing temperature with good success.
Another point which may or may not be applicable in regard to temperature control versus other dipper machines is that the Bosco has a small reservoir between the boiler and group head which I feel buffers the group head from the direct input heat of the boiler. There may be other machines with this feature but I am not aware of them.
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Mine does not have PID, just a regular 30A Sirai pstat. I'll be honest that I don't keep accurate measurements of temp or profiling as I don't really tinker too much once I have the grind and dose set. Just don't use the Bosco or related dipper before full operating temps when turning on in the morning.

I don't have much to add outside of what people here discussed, besides the fact that it will be useful to have basic maintenance skills if something does happen. I highly recommend having these skills if it's a vintage machine as it will be unlikely to find a tech to help you out commercially or you'll be looking for another enthusiast for help if something does go wrong.
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I wanted to follow up with some decisions and action.

I really appreciate all the feedback, which although mostly confirmed my direction, was still helpful in my decision making. What was also helpful was the generous HB member who invited me over to pull shots on his Sorrento. Operating a machine in person is the best possible way for honest evaluation.

A PO and deposit has been placed for a Bosco:

- Standard size single group Sorrento
- added boiler drain
- added bottomless PF
- steam lever valve, hot water knob
- 110/120v element

Lead time has been given as 4(ish) weeks! :shock:
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It was a great idea to try one. Congratulations!

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You will love it!