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#21: Post by Rospresso »

Has anybody used these on a pre-millennium La Pavoni? I ordered them and they seem too large for the stock Pavoni basket on my '84 machine. They will not sit deep enough in the basket to clear the shower screen.

I have the IMS B582TH22 baset on order - has anyone used this screen with that basket?

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#22: Post by danetrainer »

Yes, it works great in that IMS basket I use it everyday with my Cremina. Also the group screen & piston stay incredibly clean.

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#23: Post by TobiasFunke »

Does anyone know where to get this (the 58.5) in Europe?

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#25: Post by diode »

Did it work with your IMS basket? I'm contemplating buying the same for my pre-mil La Pavoni as well.

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#26: Post by Rospresso »

Yes, it works with both the B582TH22 IMS basket and the IMS/Streitman Super Fine Mesh Filter Basket (which has become my primary basket). So far it's working well to prevent the indentation/channeling from the water entering the chamber at boiler pressure, and keeping things clean.

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#27: Post by erik82 »

Oh yes it should work on any decent 49mm filterbasket. I've got to find one where it doesn't fit.

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Has anyone used the 49.7 in an Elktra MCaL?

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I haven't tried the MCaL basket

Maybe unrelated but this size screen also works as a bottom mesh for a kalita 185 dripper - not a perfect fit but something to play with

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#30: Post by Daveya »

I have a 1973 Europiccola, and use the Streitman puck screen with the Streitman IMS Competition with the superfine mesh

You grind smaller, I'm on 3 on my Niche, and you get a fully body imo, depending on bean etc etc. I get 33g gramme out 13g in dependant on how much I can be bothered with Fellini. I can get 28g out which is fine with a spongy pull no Fellini.

They are very good products . I don't use any mods on my 1973 as just like the experience of brewing with it all , I've down the whole nodding thing with other Europiccolas and fish the 1973 gen 1 the best unmodded, but with the added benefit of the improved engineering in that basket and puck screen .

Mine bought direct from Francesco, end gamer