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Milan -

You have the best of intentions . . . however the standard Strega gage is 40 mm diameter and the standard Bezzera dual gage is 60 mm. In addition, it is very likely that the dual gage has greater depth and the clearance in that region of the Strega is not available.

1st-line offers and has in stock the standard group feed line from the hx outlet to the group. It is indicated in the pic below with the green line - ... 0p4763.htm

This line (preferably the purchased spare) is cut in the vicinity of the green marking and a Swagelok tee installed as shown below. The Swagelok part number is B-6M0-3TTM which has 6 mm legs and a 1/8" male NPT branch.

The line that was cut needs to be shortened an additional ~ 15/16" as the tee install (without the cutting) would increase the length of the line ~ 15/16". Adapting from the 1/8" male NPT to a nice, remotely mounted oil filled gage is relatively easy. Cutting the line and installing the tee requires some mechanical aptitude.

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You are correct John, thank you for pointing that out. Brew pressure would only register until the piston would travel past the water feed opening in the cylinder.

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Thanks for the detailed response with drawings Eric. They didn't state the diameter on the website which is why I suggested checking with 1st Line. Your drawings and photos make it very clear now. Thanks.