Strega-fying my Brugnetti Aurora, AKA a non-invasive way to add group heater to any lever machine - Page 2

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#11: Post by pizzaman383 »

That vented screw is pretty cool. How do you seal it to keep the pressure?
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#12: Post by OldNuc »

The screw passes through the exterior non pressure part of the flange. If the flange does not have trough holes this will not work. Individual machine design issue.


#13: Post by Madman13 »

The vented screw just allows a passage to route the wires to the inside of the machine in a way which makes them unnoticeable, I then route the thermocouple wire out the back bottom machine to my amprobe display which displays the grouphead temperature. This way there is not obtrusive wires ruining the look.

See the surface adherent thermocouple on the right with the wire routed through the vented screw

This is the only photo I have currently with the meter.. In the reflection

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#14: Post by samuellaw178 (original poster) »

Thanks Josh, that's quite a clean solution! I am glad I posted. :D Wouldn't have thought of using a vented screw (didn't know they exist). Now to do some shopping and see if I can come up with a vent screw of exact dimension (with hopefully large enough hole so I don't have to drill it myself).


#15: Post by OldNuc »

McMaster has them. Be sure that the group mounting screws or studs are outside of the pressure boundary and in holes completely bored through.

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Thanks again Rich for the heads up. Does look like the studs are all out of the pressure boundary. Just need to remove one of the studs for measurement after the machine is cooled down. :D Hopefully it is M12 or under (that's the largest available size it seems), and that McMaster has a reasonable shipping cost for international order.


#17: Post by OldNuc »

Looks like you are in business with the hollow bolt.


#18: Post by Madman13 »

I looked through my mcmaster history, here is the part I ordered, It's an M8 x25mm long (think it was longer than needed)

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#19: Post by samuellaw178 (original poster) »

Thank you Josh! Following your lead and Rich's key word of 'hollow bolt', I think I have found a suitable candidate & supplier on Ebay that ships internationally. The hollow hex bolts on Ebay have a 5mm through hole (compared to 2.4mm on McMaster's) so that should just be perfect for the cables to get through!

Lastly, but not surprisingly, the bolts on Aurora are slightly different compared to Londinium's, with dimension of M10 x 25mm length x 1.5mm pitch.


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Excellent, nice find.