Steaming Strategy/Tips with 1979 La Pavoni Europiccola

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Hi all,

Just recently finished a full restoration of a 1979 La Pavoni, leading to a bit of a Frankenstein machine of old and new. I'm still in the early days of figuring out its quirks, but steaming seems to be the thing that alludes me the most. As a preface, I am using a 1.5mm single hold steam wand extender from coffee sensor.

I am currently steaming roughly 9 oz of 2% milk in a 17oz motta jug for a large latte. I previously did this in a breville bambino which has a much slower heating time, but that allowed me time to stretch and roll the milk.

The Pavoni is definitely a different beast. I can heat milk super quickly but struggle to generate anything resembling good microfoam. I get lots of large bubbles in the milk that seem to fizzle away and my milk is very under stretched. I know I need to stretch the milk more, but am not sure if I will be able to incorporate the foam in time before burning the milk.

What tips do you use while steaming with the LP? I am considering purchasing a smaller jug and have heard this can help. Is there a sort of strategy in rolling and stretching the milk in a different way from a breville machine? Thanks in advanced!


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I also didn't have much success with CS's steam wand extender. Tried in on a pstat LP pro and also on an 83 dual switch. It was next to impossible to get good proper texture.
It was designed to create a stronger steam power at the lower end of the boiler pressure, so for the pstat LPs in mind.
Too bad cause the tip is great to use and super easy to clean.

I have used and prefer coffee-sensor's 1.2mm single hole steam tip and also the 1.5mm one from orphan espresso. They both work very well.
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BrawlPaul (original poster)

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I believe I actually have the orphan espresso tip! Not sure about the condition (I cleaned all original parts I received with it but I remember the old steam wand was quite rough), but I can always buy another one. I will report back my results regardless.