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#11: Post by TomC »

Prestina is a full on commercial machine too.

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The H-B Open Source Lever
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#13: Post by dominico »

Most commercial levers that offer a single group version would take up roughly the same amount of space as a prosumer lever. The Mirage Idro, while a beautiful machine, was only ever produced in a 2 group or larger. The Marzocco lever as far as I am aware is still a concept machine.
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#14: Post by RioCruz »

redbone wrote:* Zacconi Riviera (New versions no longer spring assisted)
Are you sure about this? The Riviera on the Zacconi website shows a spring assisted lever:http://www.zacconi.net/en/riviera.html
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#15: Post by redbone » replying to RioCruz »

It's an old site. I'd like to confirm that since I've read conflicting reports on the current riviera group.
I owned and sold an early 80's eagle which had a smaller and different spring assisted group than the present group.
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#16: Post by RioCruz »

Do you have a URL for a new site? I did a Google search and the address I gave is the only one that came up. The Riviera shown on the site is definitely a spring-loaded lever. On spring levers, the handle points up. On manual levers, the handle points down.

The Espresso Baby and the Baby Big are manual levers. The Riviera is spring loaded.
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#17: Post by drgary »

Also Bosco Sorrento's a commercial machine. So what. I wouldn't mind having one! :lol:

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#18: Post by crazy4espresso »

Zacconi workshop does NOT make a spring lever machine anymore. They're just slow to update their site, very slow.
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#19: Post by puffinjk »

La San Marco, One of the all time great levers,And the izzo pompei. Jim


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