Small mod to commemorate my Olympia Cremina

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All inspired by Wsfarrell's thread that I found from mdmvrockford's Cremina mod page

I was always a fan of the buffalo nickel, and used a 1935 version of it. I used it for some time, then I later learned something interesting in Wsfarrell's thread...I learned that the US nickel is the same size as the Swiss 20 Rappen/Rap/Centime/Centesimo.

So I thought, "Hey, let me buy one and use it instead", it being a Swiss machine and all.

Then it moved to, "Hey why not get one made the same year as my machine?"

So I found a great example from eBay. Then I remembered, my machine was made 20 years after the original, which coincidentally goes well with the large '20' on the rear of the Rappen.

Long story long.....I've unofficially made my Cremina a 20 year anniversary version of the Cremina 67 with adding a 1987 Swiss Rappen on the steam valve knob. (Yes, I get bored)


Perfect coin to use for an 87 machine, or any other Cremina machine really. The opposite side features the year and a beautiful side profile of "Libertas". You'll find your year as it's still being struck...I'll stick with the '20' side for now...

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That's a really unique touch - looks great!

Thanks for posting.
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Thanks! I got a proof version of the coin, so it's super shiny and clear every time I walk past or use it. Didn't think something adding something so small could have such an effect.