Single or double switches on a La Pavoni

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Hi again everyone

I sincerely hope that everyone is well and especially to those in Italy who are suffering pretty badly with Covid-19. The subject of the switch feature of various ages of La Pavoni machines has been dealt with before but I've never found any given reason why they are the way they are.

Why do the earlier models only have the single switch and later models two, with I believe a multiple use?

I am bidding on what must be an older model as it only has the one switch. Is there a distinct disadvantage to this or the opposite in some way?

As always I am VERY grateful for any advice. To those who have advised me of other Pavoni or grinder issues I thank again. I have attempted to reply with thanks to each personally but this doesn't always seem to work properly!

Thanks again


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Hi Ray,
An almost complete overview on the different switch configurations (and other things) can be found on Francesco Ceccarelli's site

Originally the single switch had a low and high setting without an off position, so switching the machine off could only be done by unplugging it from the socket.
Later models had a 3 way switch with center off position.
The second 'switch' on later models is most often an indicator light, though most likely there are other variations with a separate on/off and low/high switch.
Others will probably chime in with more knowledge to share.
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Thanks Rob, another piece of the jigsaw fitted into place. Regards