Salvatore Compact Reservoir - Plumbable?

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#1: Post by Satchmo780 »

There's a a compact lever near me that I'm interested in.

But one of my wishes is to be able to plumb in eventually. Do you if the the Salvatore Compact lever with the reservoir is easy to switch to a plumb in?

It's not clear from his website.
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#2: Post by ira »

My lever does not even have a pump. it uses the water pressure in the supply line to fill the boiler which seems to work fine as long as the line pressure is higher than the boiler pressure and you use a properly approved anti backflow valve. I've no clue if it was supposed to have a pump originally, but when I disconnected it after buying it, the water ran directly to the water line with no pump. You'll probably need the anti backflow valve and maybe a solenoid in place of the pump if there isn't one there now. Or, you can replace the tank with a solenoid on the new line between the water supply and the pump inlet, again an anti backflow valve highly recommended. That new solenoid, no matter where it's connected, needs to be open when water is being called for and closed at all other times, so electrically in parallel with the pump or in place of the pump.


#3: Post by bgn »

I would call his shop and ask him. Super nice people.


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Yes, I converted mine. You disconnect the pump and hookup the water line to the solenoid. I think you can purchase a kit from Salvatore to make it nicer but it definitely works just fine without it. Of course, you'll have to figure out how to cover the hole from the reservoir (if you want to remove it).

Satchmo780 (original poster)

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Thanks! I reached out to Salvatore and am waiting to hear back - but that's good to know.

How are you liking your machine still?
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I replaced it with an ACS Evo Lever last year.
The SCL is a very nice machine, but I really needed temp control for the Nordic roasts I prefer.
I removed the second spring and installed a valve to reduce idle temp (on top of dropping boiler pressure) on the SCL and was still getting very acidic and over extracted shots.
With the Evo with double spring, I just dropped the group temperature and the shots became very tasty and balanced. Same beans, same grinder.
And halved the electricity usage.


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Interesting! Those LSM groups look nice. Are you in NA or Europe (110v or 220)? Salvatore uses the same LSM group, doesn't he? I watched the Evo thread but have not read all 35 pages of it to find out if it was shipping to NA.

Satchmo780 (original poster)

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I think Salvatore uses the Bosco style group on his machines. The ACS Evo looks great - no distributors in Canada though.
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I got the SCL in the US but moved to Europe and converted it to 220v (got the heating element from Salvatore). Very simple machine and that's its attractiveness. It is the Bosco style group so different from the Evo.
ACS do ship to NA (there are several owners there already) but obviously if you require professional servicing you'll need to make other arrangements. And it does have more electronics than the SCL.