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I just acquired one of these at a local Auction house.

It is a 2 Group machine using the 'new' CMA Brasilia Condor Londinium Bosco Lever group and is designed to plumbed in.

I have both a user manual and a parts manual supplied by the manufacturer in pdf format. Not sure how to downlad the PDFs to HB.

I understand mine was one of two imported into Australia for a coffee expo circa 2014 but still appears like new, the other one was a similar 3Gp also sold at the same auction. Therefore there is little local experience on this machine. The machine is plumbed in via pressure reducer and appears to work as new. It does not need a pump to operate but has additional wiring to operate a standard rotary pump presumably if tank fed.

I am a newby to lever machines but have learnt over the last week how to operate it by reading here on HB and some advice from our local "Coffee Snobs" site.

Would be interested if there are any members familiar with this machine which appears to have a very good build quality. Royal is a subsidiary label of BFC who also make La Valentina, Vittoria and Grimac machines.

I read here on the thread The new lever group thoughts that the E61 screen sits lower on this Group so you need to underfil the filter basket. I found that to be the case and now put about 19 gms in a nominal 22 gm basket. The user manual for this machine says if want to make a double shot essentially pull the lever twice. It works but is it good practice or are you degrading the shot quality by doing so?

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The instruction manual and parts book are here ... agram-list

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This machine is still being marketted by Royal - ... a-Leva.pdf

and a similar lever machine the BFC Classica-Leva appear to available ... a-Leva.pdf though I have never seen one.

I am surprised that so little seems to be known in the wider coffee world about them.

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You can gain head space in the basket by replacing the standard E61 screens which have a convex screen with an IMS 200 E61 replacement which uses a flat screen.

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Do you think that will give a better result rather than using an oversize basket?

With traditional pump espresso machines I have been in the habit of making two cups for my wife and I with a dual spout and a large basket. I gather that with a lever machine that is not such a good idea though the machine manual says to pull the lever twice.

Looks as if a downside of the lever machine may be that our bean consumption may go up. One I am prepared to live with as the quality seems to getting better.

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The IMS 200 or Cafelat E61 screen will allow you to use the dose that your basket was designed for without worrying about headspace issues. They also provide better water dispersion then a typical E61 basket so you may see a better result in the cup?? The Cafelat screen is designed specifically for your groups. I make my morning Americano using 16g of coffee yielding an approx 30g shot whether I'm using my lever or my pump machine. This goes into an 8 oz coffee mug which gets filled with water. If you want a stronger cup use a larger dose. I don't see any point in pulling the lever twice.

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Thanks I had read about them and was thinking of upgrading from the regular screens fitted to the machine. Tricky ordering them locally as all I could find were the regular IMS ones rather than the special Cafelat one. I can get the Cafelat seals and PF gasket locally but in the end decided to buy them together as a kit from the Cafelat store in the US which was the only place I could find the screens.

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I have a question on regular maintenance.

My machine is connected to the mains via a pressure reducer and a commercial 3 Way filter (3M CFS117S Triple Action Drop−in Filter). The local town water here is soft and of generally good quality.

How often do other members think the pistons should be taken out for an inspection and relube with Molykote 111 when the machine is used for light domestic duty?


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"1914"?! Is that a typo? It does not look that old.

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My apology. Should read 2014. Was only 100 years out!!