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austted wrote: How often do other members think the pistons should be taken out for an inspection and relube with Molykote 111 when the machine is used for light domestic duty?
Depends on the seals used I guess & how many shots a day you are pulling. With normal rubber seals you should get up to a year without issues. Some do, some don't. With silicone seals you can easily go longer. Watch for the lever moving slower then normal as it returns to the stop or you might even see water leaking out the joint with a standard 3 seal piston.

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Found a thread on inspection and servicing of Lever seals here. Spring Lever Piston Seal Life Spring Lever Piston Seal Life

Answers my question above

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Thanks Helpful. Read your post after I found the thread I referred to below.

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Here are some more pics that I took of the inside of the machine that may be of interest to viewers.

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The pics are as follows top to bottom
1 Drain and mains connection point
2 Water inlet control
3 Pressurestat adj
4 Left side
5 Right side
6 Top of boiler

Being a novice to Lever machines I have been reading as widely as possible about machines that seem similar to mine as there is virtually no info about their use by others online. Of course the manuals supplied by BFC / Royal were very helpful.

The machine I have focused on the most is the 2 Gp Londinium II which is also a mains fed Hx Thermosyphon unit. The main differences I can see is that mine has a dual pressure gauge which reads both inlet (mains) and boiler pressure and a simpler means of adjusting the pressurestat on the run (through a small hole in the left side wall ( covered by the yellow plug in pic 3).

I have been a beneficiary of Reiss Gunson's direct selling approach at Londinium where he has been helpful in guiding new owners through his guides and Forum.

His approach to operating a machine like mine seems to be by adjusting the water inlet pressure depending on what sort of roast you are using etc.

From the user guide for the LONDINIUM R24 - "Your LONDINIUM R24 contains a digital pressure transducer which manages the pre-infusion pressure provided by the rotary pump, mimicking a LONDINIUM I, II, and III that are connected to the water mains.
The pressure transducer is factory set to produce 3.0 bar of pressure at the puck during the pre-infusion phase, which is optimum for modern medium roasted single origin speciality coffee
If you prefer to run a dark roast in your LONDINIUM R24 and find your dark roast lacking in sweetness and tasting burnt then you will need to reduce the pre-infusion pressure setting. "

In my case I would need an adjustible pressure valve (as Reiss recommends for the Compress) to effect the same. I have one on order as the one I fitted originally is fixed at about 1 bar.

Any thoughts on this approach?

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Just lucked upon this post Lever machine workflow which I found very useful .

My only residual concern is whether the water inlet controls {eg Non return valve, two way solenoid etc } operate differently to say that on the L1 - L3? Cannot see any reason why they would.

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Did some more scratching around. The mains fixed water regulator I have fitted has an output pressure of 350 KPa which translates to 3.5 bar which is exactly what one side of the Vallelunga reads. The other side builds up to about 1.1 bar when the machine warms up. Confirms it is reading boiler pressure. So it is very similar to a Londinium L2.

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4 Left side Just realised this pic is side on Sorry about the confusion It is the front half of the Left side. The pSirai pressurestat is further back. My apologies.

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Looks like a well designed lever machine. I like that they plumbed out the over pressure valve. You could install a barbed vacuum valve & tie the drain line into the OPV line.