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Since the old threads that detail the Riviera rebuild are closed, I want to ask a question here for those of you who know. For reference, here are the two threads: /repairs/la ... t8312.html; /levers/zac ... 49842.html. Also, the referred to breakdown on orphan espresso seems to dead as well.

I've cleaned all the parts, it wasn't too bad in my case. But same as albagr01 in the second thread, after cleaning the siphon, it screws in more than it did. They listed some options about how to handle this, but I don't know how they resolved the issue. Instead of being at 90 degrees, it is all the way to 60 now. I have not overtightened or stripped it. Does anyone have any suggestions about what to do? Leave it at 60 (it does still fit in the tank at this angle)? Any help would be appreciated from knowledgeable folks. (I'll have to work on the shine, those two machines put mine to shame.) Thanks!

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I don't know what it looks like where it screws in, but I would think a slightly thinker gasket would help, assuming of course that there is a place for a gasket. If it's pipe threads, possibly just a lot of turns of Teflon tape.

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Common occurrence, use Teflon tape.

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thanks for the help! this worked. now to get this lever attached again...