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Nice job. I appreciate your work.


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This thread has been so fun to follow! Thank you for taking the time to meticulously document everything - I know this will be lots of help for anyone else looking to restore a lambro in the future.

Congrats on your beautiful machine(s), now go enjoy the fruits of your labor!


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IamOiman wrote:I made space to place the Lambro side by side to the Bosco right now.

The Lambro is not very big (to finally answer caeffe's question from way back) at 14.5" wide x 18.5" tall (with plexi) or 29" tall with lever x 19" deep. The Bosco basically dwarfs the Lambro and the Pavoni Professional actually does not look very small in comparison!

As of now I just need to redo the water sight glass cover but otherwise it's just small tinkering for this project. I am marking it as Finished!
Ryan - Congratulations! Thank You so much for sharing this with us. The side-by-side photo with the Bosco is very helpful to me and cements my lust for the Lambro.
Someday.... Now I just need to resolve the desire to downsize with the desire to accumulate :)
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Some notes while using the machine.

It heats up from cold in about 40-45 minutes to be ready for use, reaching operating pressure in about 15-20 minutes depending on how much water is in the boiler.

The group pf spout has a very short clearance from the drip tray, maybe just over an inch and a half! This results in bigger cups like those for cappuccinos needing to be tilted during the pull. This does not impede in the shot output. Steaming with the stock wand is a little terrifying. It is very very strong, with the smallest turn of the knob producing a near-violent release of steaming. I can successfully froth just cappuccino sized pitchers, but the little pitcher I use for macchiatos is not perfected yet.

The pinhole leak still looks addressed. Nothing escapes during operational pressure and when it is off at room temperature. In the beginning there would be a little hissing as the machine de-pressurized but even that is fading away.

The zodiac group is a great design, whatever machine model it is found on!
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Ryan, thank you for describing the characteristics of a great machine that many of us may never get to try.

About the intense steaming power, would a steam tip with a smaller hole or holes restrict the flow to make it more manageable? I realize that you're reporting on the Lambro in stock configuration.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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that is likely a solution. I'll manage with the stock configuration for now.
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Hi Ryan. Great machine.

I have same gas regulator. I'm have hard time to find schem or parts for it. Basically membrane and flat rubbers. Do you have info?