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A friend passed away recently, and in his estate there is a relatively nice conditioned KIM spring lever espresso machine. While being stored indoors, in a controlled environment, it looks terrific externally, but it has not be used for decades. Apparently it was put away in a cabinet and forgotten. I looked it over, and noted some minor aluminum oxidation down in the boiler, and upon manipulating the lever, testing the spring strength, I could discern some resistance inside the brew head. The lever was able to pull down fully, with heavy resistance from the spring, but it gave a kinda crunchy sound and feel, so I stopped doing that. i suspect there may be some combination of oxidation and dried out gaskets there. The wiring apparently has been set up for 110VAC, and the underside of the unit looks new. The brown paint is relatively free of defect, but all shiny metal parts could use a good buffing out.

Is this unit worth the effort of trying to find parts for a rebuild of all gaskets? Of course, I have no idea if the element is still good to go.

I would like some advise on where to obtain repair parts for this machine, and any advise on conducting the resurrection. Thanks :wink:

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If I'm not misstaken it's KIM Pedretti....I;d suggest to having a look at Francesco ceccarelli's site ... dretti.htm
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