Replacing pressure gauge Salvatore Compact lever

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Just checking to see if anyone has replaced their boiler pressure gauge on the SCL.

It looks easy enough but it's difficult to access the gauge without taking the steam line out. There is an elbow which connects to the gauge and the capillary tube that connects to the boiler.

If anyone has done it without removing the steam line and can guide me as to the proper tools it would be much appreciated. I have an adjustable wrench but it's almost impossible to get under that steam line to get to the capillary tube that connects to the elbow and gauge.

I'll put up some pics shortly

Thanks in advance and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving

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The metal ring around the gauge is removable with a small hex key. Then you might be able to simply unscrew the gauge from outside.

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Yes that was key. In fact just had to unscrew it from the outside and not mess around with removing the fitting from the capillary tube lol.

I realized this after I noticed that and took out the water tank to access the capillary line fitting. All not necessary but was able to clean the water tank in the process.

Also for those that might want to know that fitting on the elbow from the capillary tube is 10mm