Replacing piston gaskets on VAM Caravel 1.0

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#1: Post by Alslaw »

Anybody have any tips? This is the version that you can't access from the top, so the top gasket has to pass over the notch for the lower gasket. I can't figure out how to accomplish this! I tried putting an old gasket in place on the bottom to prevent the new gasket from sitting in the first slot ... but that doesn't work either.

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#2: Post by armindillo »

The blue gaskets are much harder and tougher than the red, black or white gaskets. (I believe the white ones are all sold out and my favorites are the red ones from Francesco.)

One idea is to just use the old black gasket from your picture in the upper notch and the shiny new blue one in the lower notch. The lever pressure when pulling a shot is all taken up by the lower gasket and sometime in the 1970s Arrarrex just switched the upper gasket to a simpler O-ring.

I have gotten a blue gasket all the way to the top of a piston once or twice, but it was frustrating hard work. Use some spoon handles or screwdriver blades for leverage and stretch the heck out of the gasket. I think it does help to have a lower gasket in place, as in your picture.