Replacement Profitec Pro 800 gaskets

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Hi all.
I ordered the cafelat E61 Blue 8.5mm gasket, but it is way too thick.. about 3mm thicker than the seal that came with the machine... i could not insert the portafilter with it. I got it on Amazon because one of the question was about the 800 and the answer was that it fits... tsk tsk tsk for me trusting things i read on an amazon product page... :?

Anyone knows the correct size for this machine's p?
I was also planning to get a silicone seal set for the piston, saw this page: ... askets-kit
But I am now weary of the blues... alas has no email nor other way i could fine to direct them a question... :shock:


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Hi there,

I just had a look on the site that you linked.

*The e61 Cafelat silicone gasket has dimensions of 73mm x 57mm x 8.5mm and is blue in colour.
*The modern lever portafilter gasket has dimensions of 66mm x 56mm x 6mm and is also blue in colour.

Both blue but completely different parts.

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Katzer wrote:But I am now weary of the blues... alas has no email nor other way i could fine to direct them a question... :shock:
The email address is at the top right on each page. I know it's not the best webshop but it's not that bad.

The E61 is completely wrong for your machine, the portafilter gasket here is the one you want. ... askets-kit

Katzer (original poster)

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Many thanks!

Katzer (original poster)

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I got the set of piston seals as well as the competition screen and portafilter seal.
The screen is much nicer than the original.
After 2 rubber portafilter seals, I am done with that material. Silicone all the way here.
Paul ( is a stand out guy and the service I got from him was excellent.


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Cafelat's products are top notch. I wish they offer gaskets for the La San Marco group head and the Strietman CT2 as well (those 2 machines have a lot of owners who need some Cafelat lovin too).
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You can buy those gaskets from Espresso Parts and not have to worry about shipping from Oz
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