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Good morning,

I'm curious if anyone has a method of straightening a bent boiler? Disassembly and reassembly seem fairly straight forward, and I hear rumors that there is a way to straighten this out. Looking for any experience, advice, blogs, or videos on the topic. Attached are two photos of the boiler in question.


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Use a bolt and two washers. One inside the boiler, one outside the boiler. Secure the bolt using a right size wrench inside the boiler, then tighten the nut to straighten out the bent around the area of the steam stem.

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If it's not leaking your best bet may be to live with it. Do read all those posts that Dan linked. Be aware that if you pull it out the chrome may crack further, or worse, the copper boiler may crack or fail to unbend to the original state. The copper where it was bent will have been work hardened, so that area will be less likely to bend and more likely to crack. I think that using a torch to anneal the copper in that area would make it more soft and bendable, but would discolor the chrome.

Using a bolt and two appropriately sized washers would squash and flatten the opening but it would remain dented in a little. And if it's not leaking I think your opening is probably still as flat and round as it always was, so not sure what's to be gained there.

If you do remove the fitting be sure to replace (or anneal) the inner crush washer. When new (or annealed) they are soft and conform and seal better. Once used, they are work hardened. There are youtube videos about annealing copper or brass crush washers but it's easiest to just buy a new one.
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I agree with homeburro,
if is not leaking don't mess with it,
it might leak after you touch it and reveal an unfixable issue,
then again, if the hole is already weak it will be a safety concern as well but should manifest will leakage and not "exploding"
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This technique described by athoangphan using a bolt and washers worked very well for me.

ntimperio (original poster)

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Thanks everyone for the replies. Unfortunately is is leaking, which is why I'm curious about straightening it. I like the two bolt method. Will reply back with results.


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i have bend in the same place fortunately not leaking


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Hey, I know you just posted so I get it if you haven't had time to try it, but I just bought my first used La Pavoni Pro premil and the steam arm is loose as hell and there's a major bulge where it connects to the boiler; I'm trying to determine if it happened in shipping or before. I'm hoping to god I didn't just pay hundreds of dollars for a volatile hunk of junk >_<


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This same thing happened to mine in shipping; I may try this. Does this connection need a gasket or anything to help seal it? Mine was damaged enough that it hisses and bubbles out of the connection point between steam arm and boiler :shock:
Also do you know what size the bolt is or what attachments would be needed to reach inside at that weird angle? Or do you recommend tearing the whole thing apart?
I just bought it through Offer Up and have a day and a half to decide whether it's worth doing this and keeping it or if mine is so damaged that I should send it back to the seller.

Thanks for your help!