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SFBullnose wrote:Thanks!
Yes, the shower screen was in the box it came in.
I measured it right at 44mm or so.

So, I'm guessing it's the smaller portafilter. :lol:
I have a Riviera Espresso / Zacconi Baby and it uses a 49mm portafilter. The shower screen on it is closer to 48mm. I also have a spring-driven Sama Export that uses a 45mm portafilter. The shower screen on that one is 44mm. The group looks similar to a spring-driven Zacconi.

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Thanks! For the tip.

Interesting so, maybe I'm on the hunt for a 45mm Portafilter then. ??


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I would believe so. I'm pretty sure the 45mm was used in the spring units, but it seems like some of the direct lever units may have used them as well. I would double check that measurement, but a 45mm and a 49mm portafilter are significantly different sizes. At the very least, the difference is obvious when next to each other.


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Your photo of the shower screen shows 1.8" which is 46mm not 44mm. A 45 mm portafilter doesn't really make sense in that case.
You can see there there is a 48mm and 44 mm shower screen. I'm pretty sure the 44mm fits on the La Riviera Spring machine and uses a 45 mm basket/tamper. ... cconi.html Your photo might be a bit deceptive. Measure it accurately in mm and that will help determine which baskets and portafilter you need. For the La Riviera Spring machine it was actually the Pontevecchio Export portafilter/baskets that worked for me. ... cchio.html


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Kimeo Stortoni at lamacchinadelcaffe uses Whatsapp (+393395808075)and I'm sure could tell you for sure which portafilter/basket will work. When people are talking basket/tamper sizes it's the internal diameter we are referring to, which can get confusing when measuring external diameters of baskets, portafilters, etc..

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Thanks! Yes noted, I was a bit confused as to inner or external diameter is referenced.
I put my calipers on the shower screen it 44 at the ID diameter and 48 at the OD