Recommended grind setting on Normcore V2 for Flair Neo

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#1: Post by J1628 »

Hi, a few months ago I bought the flair neo and I enjoyed making "espresso" with it a lot so I decided to take the next step and purchased the bottomless portafilter and the normcore V2 hand grinder. However, I am very new to grinding my own coffee and wanted to know if anyone out there with the same setup has any advice on which setting I should use on this grinder to get the grounds fine enough to get the best shot possible. I know I should get a better grinder, but for now I just want to make this one work. Thanks!


#2: Post by baubean »

Good luck! I do not have the same setup, just the Flair. I shoot for fine enough to see the coffee just start to clump together. Quite powdery. If you can't get this fine you might be out of luck... does it extract super fast or too slow? About how long to make it through a shot?