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La Pavoni lever machine. I made espresso today with a new bag of beans (new to me). I kept my usual grind setting and when I raised the lever to let water into the grouphead, it took over 60 seconds for the first droplets to appear under the basket. It got me thinking, does this indicate that my grind was too fine? Seems like a long time for pre infusion and thoroughly soaking of the puck, right?

Is there a rule of thumb duration from the moment you let water in to the moment when you first see the droplets?


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as long as you don't have to lean on the lever to pull the shot you are not choking her.
there was an interesting thread a few days ago touching ilon this: Slow pull - 1 minute - excellent?
in a nutshell; there are no fixed rules, let the taste guide you
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Thanks Rob. That thread is exactly what I needed to hear. Inspires me to test pushing the bounds with my grind. I've never had to pull very hard on the lever which makes me think I've been playing it too safe.