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I'm new Member of this forum, hoping to get more knowledge about coffee.

I'm planning to open a small coffee shop on my house and since espresso machine both auto and manual is quite expensive, i'm planning to make my own. I already make a dedicated steaming machine, and a motorized espresso grinder, so what left is the espresso machine itself.

My question is, what is the name of the recess where you put a portafilter, and how much is the distance/gap between the portafilter and shower screen especially manual espresso.

And i find this CAD file of manual espresso, but does the measurement good? And what silicone should i use? Since the inner diameter is 62mm, does la pavoni's gasket fit?

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If you're really going to build your own espresso machine, I'd find a portafilter, basket and gasket that you can source locally for a reasonable price. Then you will have something to work off of. I don't remember ever seeing anyone here post dimensions for a group head. In the USA where I am if this was my goal, I'd try to find a discarded machine and either repair it or use the parts as a start to make what I wanted.



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I'm with Ira.

At least where I live second hand commercial coffee machines can be picked up cheaply especially if they have some issues. Far easier (and cheaper) to fix one than build a new one from scratch. I would stay away from ones with complex automatic electronic components which may be difficult to source parts for.

Aadenhelan (original poster)

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Hi! Thank you for the reply

Right now i'm making a 3D design for the chamber that i created, i just bought 58MM portafilter, e61 gasket etc.

So right now i'm making the CAD before making the first prototype