Puck / shower screen contact before extraction

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Hey all!

Please see the pic below: when using 13g in a double basket on my LaPavoni Professional (1996) I have contact between the shower screen and the puck before extraction.

Am I using too much coffee? The website says I should be able to put 12-14g. Should I be using a triple basket?

Note: I know the coffee in the picture is far too coarse, I was using cheap pre-ground to test my machine after a rebuild. Also, I know it's weird to be holding the group in my hand but I was testing things!

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Yes, probably a little bit too much of that coffee. Note capacity varies by the coffee and roast level - these are IMS' guidelines for your basket:

- from https://imsfiltri.com/prodotto/b582th22n/

Note that the stock Pavoni double basket is about 24.5mm - just a little bit deeper than the basket that you are using. From the same site you linked to: https://coffee-sensor.com/product/la-pa ... de-327051/
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