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Jesus! That seems like rather a lot, lol. So over 10x the ideal amount, wow.
The "ideal amount" of lead content in water is Zero. There is no "safe" amount per the FDA. The figures quoted above are the allowable amounts. Lead is toxic at any level, although obviously less so at lower levels.


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zachswinehart wrote:It may be that your coating got eaten away as well -- hard to know for sure since I've never actually seen a pic of what these things looked like in the boiler area when they were new. I'll post back once I get my results from my tap water. I was thinking I'd also do another test on the Peppina with distilled water running through it to try to better isolate the contaminant as definitely being the LP.
Any updates on this?
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Raw aluminum and/or potmetal(Zymac) by any name is going to leach into the water rapidly and the Ph of the water will have an impact on the rate of leaching.

On another note:
Copper boilers should never be operated with a Ph below 7.1 -7.2 as acidic water will remove the black oxide protective layer as will over aggressive descaling.


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No Update yet, we'll see if I'm able to test again