Profitec Pro 800 with blank PID screen

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My brand new Profitec 800 PID screen does not come on. Anyone in?

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First simple thing to check is if the machine needs more water.
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Also check to make sure the floating magnet in the reservoir is facing the correct way. If not the machine will not think it has any water even if it does. Happened once after cleaning on my old Pro 700 and I imagine the Pro 800 is setup the same

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Hopefully a call to your dealer on a brand new machine would resolve the issue quickly or get a replacement/repair underway without further delay.

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The solution was on this forum all along, it seems that the lever is inverted (opposite) to pick reservoir vs. plumbed. Also the flowjet is tricky, you have to apply 10X force to plug it in since there is an assembly glitch. Finally, tysm.

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64K$ questions: How long does it really take for this one to get to brew head temp? Once there, what's and why the range? What does the temperature surfing look like, actually? What is the factoring temperature from the dipper? The folks at WLL alledge + - 5º temp shift. I need some PID on this one. Or AI. Peace

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Put a surface mount thermocouple on the side of the group 1/3-1/2 way up the group head and you will be able to see yourself. It is the best way to achieve consistent shot temperatures.
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