Profitec Pro 800, same portafilter/basket as?

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Silly question, that should be obvious.
Is the portafilter and basket in the 800 same as other models? 500/600/other e61/londinium.

I want to get a second double basket, not sure what spec to look for...

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It's not a silly question.
If you are looking for the 14g double basket, I have recently purchased one for my 800 from Whole Latte Love and I have received exactly the factory one, same as the one that came with the machine.
I am saying that because I had previously purchased another one from a spare parts vendor, and the basket was similar but not exactly the same. ... ter-basket
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A 58mm basket is a 58mm basket. The portafilters however are different as the lever group does not use a E61 portafilter.
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Katzer (original poster)

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Thank you both!

I guess the portafilter is a bosco portafilter?
Are they interchangeable with other bosco type machines like londinium etc?

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The general name is "modern lever group". Cafelat makes a stainless portafilter that I like.
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Katzer (original poster)

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I ordered the above mentioned basket.
It is worth noting the price was better, even with shipping, than all the amzn offerings.