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I really appreciate this discussion. I am considering switching from my current Synchronika (which is plumbed in) to the Profitec Pro 800 after seeing the updates to the Pro 800, and the "silent" operation is a big draw for me.

From what I am understanding in this thread, the noise is universal among machines that are plumbed in. Have others had any success attenuating the noise by reducing the line pressure to 2.0 bar?



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You might also be able to get a solenoid with the next size bigger orifice or put a restriction in the line adjacent to the regulator. There are lots of inline restrictors used in RO systems, here's some examples. ... strictors/ ... estrictors

Since home machines tend to use water slowly, lengthening the time to refill the boilers will probably have no effect on most home users unless you're having a big parts.