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JohnB. wrote:I don't know how common it is but I have seen it before on some of the Bosco's lower seals. The marks always line up with the main inlet hole in the sleeve. Run your finger over the water inlet holes in the sleeve and make sure there are no rough edges.
pizzaman383 wrote:If your seals are tight enough that they pull out the sleeve there may be enough pressure to push them into the water feed holes enough to wear a groove.
Thanks for the explanation! I'll cross check the inlet hole again next time! Thanks!

Any idea about the grease residue?


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I have also experienced gouging of the silicon seals. There was no evidence of any sharp edges around the water inlet holes, replacement silicon seals did not show any evidence of damage, I am not sure why this was the case unless there was a variation in the silicon material between batches. The gouges did not result in any leaking but I chose to fit a new set of seals

The "Cafelat Silicon Lever Seals" You Tube video details how much grease to use, view around 3.30min, following the guidelines will eliminate the grease residue you mention

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did you encounter the bottom and middle seals dried up quickly??

whenever I do the lubing, after 3-4 days of pulling shots, I can feel the piston is harder to pull down.

And that's where I find is the sign to relube the seals again, and whenever I took out the piston, the bottom and middle seals is dried up, only the top seals is still in shine and covered with the grease.


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I have not had issues with seals drying up as you describe. At the 5 Min point in the video he mentions the grease is primarily to assist with the insertion of the piston assembly, during operation the water becomes part of the lubrication

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Not sure how much grease is the correct amount of it, heres the comparison of re-lube and dried up

Heres the complete re-lube

Does adjusting the water flow rate affect the grease to dried up quickly?? I'm currently using 15ml/s water debis