Profitec Pro 800 not filling boiler

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#1: Post by borisp »

Bought a new Pro 800, everything seems fine except a damaged drip tray that doesn't sit straight and will potentially cause rattling noise.

However, the major issue is it doesn't fill up the boiler. I switched the switch towards closest leg which is the off position, as well as setting 0 tank position behind the drip tray.

I filled up the reservoir, and turned the machine a bit and the floater has ... well, floated up.

I tried positioning it with a fork and the machine began making a noise as if something's working, but the water level doesn't seem to lower even by an inch.

How can I solve this problem?

Can I safely remove the water tank with water in it? It won't leak underneath? If so, I'll remove the tank and make sure the floater sits at a correct position.

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#2: Post by HB »

Is the water source knob pointing the right way?

EDIT to add: This is for a plumbed-in Pro 800, not reservoir as described in the video.

This is from this setup video by Clive Coffee:
Yes, you can remove the reservoir; it has an automatic shutoff valve that closes when you lift it.
Dan Kehn

borisp (original poster)

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Yes, it's facing opposite direction from the water connection.

I removed the tank, repositioned the floater, the pump sounds quiet, it doesn't draw ANY water at all.

Should I play with the water positions both with the rocker and the knob while the machine is ON, to see if it changes anything?

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#4: Post by HB »

You could try that, but since this is new, I suggest working with the seller. Based on what you've described so far, other possibilities besides "user error" are that pump won't prime, the water pathway is (somehow?) blocked, or the refill solenoid is stuck shut. Those are issues that you should not have to deal with a new espresso machine.
Dan Kehn

borisp (original poster)

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I have switched the knob to inward position, which should be direct water connection, right?

And suddenly, the machine appears to be working. Does it make any sense?

By appears, it makes a louder sound, water from the tank is filling the boiler... but the PID is still off... opening the steam/hot water valves doesn't do anything.

Is it a normal, expected behavior?

It stopped, I turned off and on again, it drew some more water and orange light turned on, and the PID turned on.

Feels weird, will contact the seller first thing tomorrow.

borisp (original poster)

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FWIW, I brewed two awful shots of espresso (grinder was dialed for pour over), not that I intended to drink it. It's midnight here :D
I just hope my excitement to make it work didn't damage the machine... me playing with the knobs.

I wonder whether I got the positioning wrong or my model was manufactured with a different knob directions. Should I still contact the seller and just make sure that that's ok?

Also, regarding my suspicion, the bent drip tray didn't make any rattling noise in the course of the machine's operation. If the dealer will be reluctant to replace it, I'll probably won't make a big deal out of it.


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The Clive video has the valve position backwards. I did the same thing after watching the video 2 weeks ago when my machine arrived.

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#8: Post by HB »

D'oh! You're right. I have the Pro 800 plumbed-in and it's pointing to the right (when facing the group). :oops:
Dan Kehn