Profitec Pro 800, low water shut off

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#1: Post by Katzer »

Hi all,

After over a year with the Profitec 800 I am very happy with it, save for one thing.
When the water level is considered "empty", the machine is simply and silently turns off.
The green power light stays on but the boiler light is out just like when it goes out when the machine is reaches temperature.
I really do wish there would be some sort of a visible or audible indication that the tank needs to be refilled.
Any mod ideas?

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#2: Post by mckolit »

I feel your pain. I've had numerous shots cut off after the water level got too low. Now I just top off the reservoir each session.


#3: Post by Monsterzero »

I'd love it if the machine would finish the shot, before the low water warning, and not cut the shot short.


#4: Post by Monsterzero »

My Bezzera Matrix used to stop the shot in the middle of the pull.

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#5: Post by TenLayers »

Wait a minute. Your bottom light goes out when it reaches temp? Both of my lights stay on until water level is too low and then the bottom light goes out.

Katzer (original poster)

#6: Post by Katzer (original poster) »

I am almost certain it does, especially in summer... I will check the manual to be sure

Katzer (original poster)

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Nothing in the manual but that was my observation.


#8: Post by AMac »

Mine only shuts off anytime it isn't heating, so when water in the reservoir is low or when it's refilling the boiler.

Here is what the manual says:


#9: Post by ManualEspresso »

Easiest non invasive solution might be domotica, as in smart power plug or socket that measures power draw. Then you could just program it to notify you when the boiler stops cycling on and off, assuming it still draws some power when this happens.


#10: Post by Earthy »

I would just like to point out the irony that a smart plug, with all of the technological wonders it incorporates, is now the simple solution to a light going off on a lever machine. This is not a critique at all! I too thought it was absurd that the red light would go off when empty instead of on, when I had my pro800.