Pressure gauge on Olympia Cremina only 2.5 bars? not 9 bars?

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#1: Post by patrickinmpls »

I read that proper espresso requires 9 bars of pressure, but my pressure gauge on the olympia cremina only goes up to 2.5 bars. Can someone explain what I'm missing?

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#2: Post by Nunas »

The pressure in your machine is the steam boiler pressure. It is what produces the steam for milk foaming and the light pressure for preinfusion. The brewing pressure, which you correctly say is normally in the vicinity of 9-bar, comes from operating the lever. Likewise, in pump machines, except the brewing pressure is provided by the pump.

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#3: Post by danetrainer »

If you want to read group pressure when you pull a shot you would add Gabor's gauge kit to your Cremina, there are videos you can search for to see how it works.
Just like the Robot Barista or Pro version in displaying the pressure you are applying to the coffee.

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#4: Post by LBIespresso »

If you are looking at the gauge on the machine it should read close to 1 bar when fully warmed up. That is the boiler pressure.

If you have the aftermarket piston pressure gauge, just pull harder :wink:
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#5: Post by Jeff »

Also, "9 bar" is not a magical number. Many believe that tastier shots are had at lower pressures, somewhere in the 6-8 bar range with conventional grinders, conical or flat. Trust your eyes watching the flow and your hand on the lever.