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Postby 3cordcreations » Mar 07, 2017, 9:23 pm

Katoci wrote:That was my problem too. Lots of 58mm tampers, none till last weekend for 49 mm. I think I have one of the prototype models, but asked the guy before posting here he ships worldwide. I know nothing about overseas shipping prices, it can easily douple the original price, but it still cost less than most 58mm precision tampers, and those usually needs tools to adjust, or they have a stepped mechanism. This one is stepless and needs no tool to adjust.


I will be acquiring a 1983 Cremina this week. It was in bad shape but has been rebuilt and I am excited to try it out. By the way, I visited Budapest in 2009. I looked caffe 35 up on facebook. Too bad they don't have a site to order from.