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espressotime wrote:It' s a little dipper.Never measured shots but my estimate is 30 gr. of espresso with one fellini.Dose 15-16 gr.
Nice machine! Number 4 :wink:

Had two of these in the past. Shot volume is small. With 1.5 pull my estimate is 20-25 grams max. For 30 grams you would need a double Fellini...

But better to stay with small shots...Exports really shine in the ristretto range!

Have fun!


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If you look up Peacecup's posts, he has a great method for pulling a double. I have been having delicious shots using 17g in, 38g out using their methodology as a guide.

the first pull is usually slow and the 2nd is quicker, but its repeatable and enjoyable!!

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MCal2003 wrote:Like the Export. Heavy crema. Export is the "better" value.
I enjoyed reading your feedback. Money aside, when compared to the Export, do you think the Lusso:

- produces noticeably better espresso?
- has better build quality?
- is the main difference generally seen as boiler size?

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The groups on the Export and Lusso have the same piston, but they are heated and maintain temperature differently.

The Export group is heated by convection through direct connection to the boiler. Given that the boiler temp is well over boiling temperature at 1 bar (240 F) the group will eventually overheat unless it is actively cooled. This can be done but the barista needs to pay attention to it.

The Lusso group is not connected to the boiler, and group temperature is maintained by a themosyphon, a small amount of boiler water constantly circulated through a chamber in the group. At idle, the group will virtually never overheat (room temperature does play a small roll). One can overheat the group by pulling several consecutive shots back-to-back, but this can even happen with commercial-sized lever groups. For normal home use it is not a problem.

So, given the same temperature the Export and Lusso groups perform similarly. The main difference is convenience, i.e., not having to monitor temperature. With the Lusso I turn it on and pull a shot whenever I am ready. With the Export I need to pull the shot when the machine is ready, so I need to plan slightly. Not a big issue, but worth knowing about.
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espressotime (original poster)

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Does any ponte owner have the measurements of the seal guide? I mean the bushing used to install the piston with portafilter tool.

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I could try to find my calliper and measure it, but I've already noted that even tiny deviations can lead to problems. Perhaps this is because I have Samas and the ring is made for the newer PVs, but I remember having a little trouble getting the piston with new seals back in.

The seals I got were from La Macchina del Caffe. These are probably OEM or close, but not easy to install. I read somewhere about some silicone seals that might be much easier but I don't recall where.
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Here is a link with some photos of my piston seal job.

No more Sama Drama

I found it easy to do with just a pick and a small jack screw.. really the only seal that needs help is the middle seal, and you can roll it in with a smooth pick.
I thought about 3D printing a guide or making one but after changing the seals myself it's 100% a luxury item and not a necessity
Fwiw my machine came with silicon seals and the ones from Italy felt like Viton

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Thanks. But I want to use the bushing for easy piston installation in the future.Makes things a lot easier. :wink: