Plumbing in a Zacconi Riviera Lever, pump required?

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Hello Lever forum, I'm back to espresso life after many thousands of horrible Nespressos. I had the good fortune of stumbling upon a wonderful member on this forum, that has sold me a beautifully refurbished Zacconi Riviera. It has a plumbing adaptor. I'm wondering if someone has actually plumbed one of these machines, and if so, I'm assuming it would it require a pump? This particular machine is going to live on a boat, so I'm thinking of plumbing it to 3 gallon jugs of water, under my sink. Or, I do have large water tanks onboard, and I have the possibility of plumbing it to the actual water system of the boat, however, I might need to filter the water? The water aboard is potable, but I am assuming unfiltered water would eventually damage the machine, and perhaps not taste as good as bottled water? And there is a substantial amount of calcification in the boat system. Pressure aboard is similar to a house.
Thanks for any advice, photos, ideas, and you are welcome to tell me I'm completely insane.


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You need to test the water, and see what you got in terms of total TDS and key minerals proportion. It will tell you if 1) you can actually use the water to start with 2) you require filtration (90% chance you do) 3) you need more than filtration (also very high probability).

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You don't need a pump. Just hook it up to your pressure system. When the boiler needs water just turn on the water valve that you've hooked the Riviera up to and push the button on the top right of the base. Water will enter.

Of course, you do need to ensure that the water is suitable for an espresso machine...see the hundreds of posts on that here on H-B :) .