Pink's Coffee Press: Does it solve the manual temperature problem?

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I know there have been many posts here about the temperature of non-electric, completely manual levers like the Robot. I wonder if this new lever doesn't solve the problem by creating a concentric water chamber so the outside chamber can act as a bath or "hot water jacket" to heat the internal one: It's a pity it's in New Zealand as shipping costs are expensive.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

The Campeona ... 90_eng.htm seems like it used the concept of a fully immersed brew chamber. From what I understand, it's a fun little machine, though tailored to the shot volumes and ratios of the time.


#3: Post by jpender »

There was a long thread about this machine, or at least a prototype.

[PROMO] New manual crank handle espresso machine

LewBK (original poster)

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Actually, that old thread was about a different machine made by the same company:
This new machine is much less expensive and has the concentric water chamber.


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Oh, I see. It's a much simpler thing. I'd love to see/hear more about it.

At USD $567 + $138 shipping it is a little pricey.


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Problem with original design was primarily big thermal mass of the brewhead, so despite theoretical advantages, it didn't exceed brew temperature of something like 70°C after lots of preheating (according to his measurements) - despite high price

This looks like a complete redesign, however not enough info is mentioned problem solved


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I got the email info about the new Pinks machine today with a discount for preordering. I guess I signed up years ago to follow his crank machine. It certainly looks nicer than other manual levers without power IMO and a much smaller investment than one hand made in the Netherlands.