Pinched / severed pressure gauge tube on Cafelat Robot

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I bought a Cafelat Robot a couple weeks ago. On the first day of use, on about the 5th pull, I noticed it was very difficult to press. I realized later I had crimped the pressure line, severing it and making the device unusable until I disassembled it, removed the pressure line and gauge, and plugged the hole.

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Sorry to hear about your luck with the Robot. I'm not sure what happened as that's pretty uncommon. You should be able to pick up the parts affordably. iDrinkCoffee looks like they're sold out as well -- ... e-for-tube -- CA$13 which seems reasonable. It looks like the shell and tube are available at for about £17 total and shipping to California is £11.

Edit: Here's a video that may help in the future