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Apart from installing that heat break gasket that allows for 1 bat pressure without overheating the group you can buy a nice steanwand with single hole tip from coffeesensor. That makes life much easier.

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Something not yet mentioned is that you can adjust your steaming technique to fit the machine. You don't need a one-hole tip or high pressure to texture milk into microfoam. You start by incorporating some air into the mix with the steam tip partially submerged and aligned with the side of the pitcher to create a swirling motion. When the milk volume reaches the target level, you plunge the steam tip deep into the milk to reach target temperature, which can be measured or felt with your hand at the bottom of the pitcher. The choice of milk matters, as well as starting with it cold. I am writing this as a vintage Cremina owner and as someone who has machines that have full commercial steam pressure and 1st gen La Pavoni Europiccolas with Low/High switches for brewing and steaming.

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WoW nice mod! Looks like the perfect one

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I use a rancilio 1 hole tipo with good results but more pressure is better when you steam more milk

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Do you mind sharing details on the lighting behind your sight glass?
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I'd do it. Sure you don't need it but would be nice to have.

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I read a post from Dr Pavlis about one hole tip sizing back in 2017:
Single hole steam tip diameters for lever machines

I have followed this advice on my Clubs and when I had a Cremina, as well as my MCAL.