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Hi all and thanks for the warm welcome to the forum. I recently added the piston pressure gauge to my 2002 La Pavoni europiccola after changing the gaskets and seals out for the first time (bought the machine used August 2019). First, water drips from the shower screen before I raise the lever. Second, while pulling a shot the gauge does not go past around 2 bars.

Since all the gaskets are new (maybe not in exactly correct) should I just try to take apart and put the group back together to troubleshoot? Trying to figure out where the pressure is leaking as well as stop this drip. I just want to feel comfortable pulling shots again:(

Thanks and hope everyone is well.



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I'm going to start off by guessing that the piston seals were put in backwards. That would account for the leak and lack of pressure.

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That's my first thought too; the piston seals have to be turned around. :wink:
Welcome btw. :mrgreen: