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#741: Post by Marco4hand »

still searching for the piston center valve seal
anyone know of an alternative easily found state side ?

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#742: Post by truemagellen »

Sorry I'll check it out next week for you if no one else does

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#743: Post by Espressoman007 »

Marco4hand wrote:Reached out to Woulter. Replacement center valve seals on their way!

What happened with the order?


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#744: Post by Marco4hand »

It's a long, more complicated story then is worth detailing.
No problems with Strietman though.
Recently checked on the web site and I see you can order just the piece I need (wasn't on the site two months ago). I am hesitating because of shipping cost. I expect I'll place an order in the coming days. I'll buy more then one but then I'll need to remember where I stored the extra pieces.